Thursday 21 May 2020

HP Switch V1910 Enable Full Command Line

  1. Ensure that SSH and Telnet management is enabled on the web page

  2.  Once you have SSH or Telnet enabled. connect to which every one you enabled (suggestion would be SSH)

  3. Type '_cmdline-mode on' without the '

    Once you have done this it will ask the following 'All commands can be displayed and executed? [Y/N]'

  4. Press Y

  5. It will a asked for a password, use the following '512900' or 'Jinhua1920unauthorized' if the first one does not work.

Once this has been done you should see the following

confirm enabling command line

This will give you access too the following commands

archive Specify archive settings
backup Backup next startup-configuration file to TFTP server
boot-loader Set boot loader
bootrom Update/read/backup/restore bootrom
cd Change current directory
clock Specify the system clock
cluster Run cluster command
copy Copy from one file to another
debugging Enable system debugging functions
delete Delete a file
dir List files on a file system
display Display current system information
fixdisk Recover lost chains in storage device
format Format the device
free Clear user terminal interface
ftp Open FTP connection
initialize Delete the startup configuration file and reboot system
ipsetup Specify the IP address of the VLAN interface 1
lock Lock current user terminal interface
logfile Specify log file configuration
mkdir Create a new directory
more Display the contents of a file
move Move the file
ntdp Run NTDP commands
password Specify password of local user
ping Ping function
pwd Display current working directory
quit Exit from current command view
reboot Reboot system
rename Rename a file or directory
reset Reset operation
restore Restore next startup-configuration file from TFTP server
rmdir Remove an existing directory
save Save current configuration
schedule Schedule system task
screen-length Specify the lines displayed on one screen
send Send information to other user terminal interface
sftp Establish one SFTP connection
ssh2 Establish a secure shell client connection
stack Switch stack system
startup Specify system startup parameters
summary Display summary information of the device.
super Set the current user priority level
system-view Enter the System View
telnet Establish one TELNET connection
terminal Set the terminal line characteristics
tftp Open TFTP connection
tracert Trace route function
undelete Recover a deleted file
undo Cancel current setting
upgrade Upgrade the system boot file or the Boot ROM program

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