Wednesday 1 July 2020

Enabling Failover Cluster Shared Volume Caching

Enabling CSV Caching can help with some read heavy workloads, the first thing is to run the following in elevated PowerShell.

(Get-Cluster). BlockCacheSize = 1024

This will set the size of the cache, its recommend to reboot the Host if you change this,  for a normal Hyper-v / Failover Cluster between 512 to 2048 is recommend to start with but if you are using scale-out file server it is recommend high depending on system.  some tuning and looking at the workload is in order.

Once you set this and reboot the Hosts it will take affect, you can disable it per shared volume by running the below

Get-ClusterSharedVolume “Cluster Disk 1” | Set-ClusterParameter  EnableBlockCache 0

Changing "Cluster Disk 1" to the one you wish to disable, once you have done this you will need to bring the Cluster disk offline and back on again.  you can do this by moving it to another hosts.

For more details on setting it up and tuning click here

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