Wednesday 22 July 2020

Shutting Down a Hyper-V Failover Cluster / Hyper-V Host

Hyper-V Hosts and Failover Clusters are great way to maximums your hardware utilisation or redundancy.  The Failover Clusters and Hyper-V sit at the Infrastructure level.

Hyper-V gives you the ability to run multiple platforms on a single host where as the Failover Cluster allows you to take two or more Hyper-V hosts and build in redundancy of the infrastructure allowing a single or more platform to survive a failure at the infrastructure level, be it Network / Storage / RAM / CPU.

When it comes down to powering down this type of system off the best recommendation is too start at the Software level, then the Platform followed by the Infrastructure not the other way around as this can lead to issues.

Basically shutting down any Applications then the Guest VM then the Physicals.  If you have a Failover Cluster with a single Guest DC, this server should be left running to allow it to move to a paused state meaning that the Failover Cluster GUI will work correctly when the Cluster powers back on.  failing that you will need to PowerShell the Cluster as the GUI may stop working.

The DC can come out of a paused state normally error free but servers that have custom applications / 3rd party software installed may not react well to coming out of this state and reboot will be needed if they ever paused.

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