Tuesday 23 March 2021

Enable Microsoft 365 Message Encryption

This is a great feature for sending secure emails and is easy to set up.  First the users need to use the feature will need one of the following:

  • Azure Information Protection for Office 365
  • Azure Information Protection Premium P1
  • Azure Information Protection Premium P2
Once you have the right subscription you can enable the option via PowerShell with the following commands.

Import-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement
Import-Module AIPService
Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName <Admin Account>
Set-IRMConfiguration -AzureRMSLicensingEnabled $True

#Confirm Not NULL
$RDM = Get-AadrmConfiguration
$Uri = $RDM.LicensingIntranetDistributionPointUrl

Set-IRMConfiguration -LicensingLocation $Uri
Set-IRMConfiguration -InternalLicensingEnabled $true

Once its all set up you can confirm its working with the below Powershell command

Test-IRMConfiguration -Sender <Email address>

Once this is done the option will appear in OWA and Outlook can install the Azure rights management software but this can take a few hours.  you can also make a mail flow in Exchange 365 admin to encrypt on a keyword.  

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