Friday 5 March 2021

Windows Remote Desktop host seeing alot of .BACKUP-## folders in C:\Users

 Not 100% show on why this happens but it appears to be related to User Profile disks and users not logging off correctly and some issues with he UPD storage.

First step would be to put limits in place on the sessions times so that users get logged out even then they forget too.  Staff training also would be a bonus on how to do it correctly.

Once you have that set you are still going to see a few and they are going to need to be cleaned down.  a good script I have found is located here

PowerShell/Remove-LocalUPDProfiles.ps1 at master · andy2002a/PowerShell · GitHub

And it uses the Delprof2 application from here

Download Delprof2, SetACL (Studio) • Helge Klein

This cleans down the profiles and check if the user is in the system before it does.  I normally run it at night using a schedule.

Also if you are storing your UPD on a share I would recommend disabling share caching on the share its self.  This can have a performance impact but its more stable when logging off.

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