Wednesday 23 June 2021

Sophos Universal Reader and Finder (SURF)

SURF, or the Sophos Universal Reader and Finder, is a fantastic troubleshooting tool for Sophos Endpoint and Firewall. SURF provides easy access to Sophos support log bundles contents, extracting summary data and providing a search capability for the contained logs. SURF also identifies known issues and serves up links to Sophos knowledge base articles with helpful instructions should an issue is discovered.

The tool was released today and it looks cool,  its available to Sophos Partners and it looks like it would cut down on 1st line support time as it can pick out all the errors and identify know issues / fix's.

Works on Sophos AV SDU logs and Sophos XG CTR files

Available from here Tech Tools (

More information here Introducing SURF! - Sophos Techvids

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