Friday 2 September 2022

Windows 11 Start menu, Metro is dead, long live Fluent

Change is never good or is it better to say change is never welcomed.  with the end of life of Windows 10 only 2 years away we are starting to see more and more devices coming with Windows 11.

This brings with it a host of changes; one of them is a change in direction of the design of its UI.  this newer design principle is called Fluent, its goal is to drive accessibility across all platforms (Windows, IOS, Android, and so on)

Windows 11 design principles - Windows apps | Microsoft Docs

This means that the Metro UI is gone and the Start menu has returned to a simpler design that mirrors more of a mobile UI design then the Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 live tile design that Metro took in the end.

You can still pin your applications to the Start Menu but gone are the live tiles and resizing of icons.

For business looking to upgrade to Windows 11 who wish to unify the Start menu like you could with the XML layout data, this has changed to JSON instead.

Add or remove pinned apps on the Start menu in Windows 11 - Configure Windows | Microsoft Docs

But the principle are still the same, export and link to GPO.

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