Tuesday 28 February 2023

Windows UAC and Local admin rights

User Account Control (UAC) is a security feature in Windows that helps prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. It was introduced in Windows Vista and has been an important security mechanism in all versions of Windows since then. UAC works by prompting the user for permission before allowing any action that requires administrative privileges.

UAC is an important security mechanism in Windows that helps protect your computer from unauthorized changes and malware. Turning off UAC is not recommended and can make your computer vulnerable to attacks. It is always better to keep UAC enabled and take extra precautions to protect your system from potential threats

But when it comes to local admin rights even with UAC enabled you should still split these local rights to another account.  A users everyday account should have little to no extra permissions then want is needed for the everyday work they do.

But they are times when having these rights are a positive as it gives users flexibility and faster response to install software and updates without the need of IT support, this brings more user autonomy and lowers the involvement of IT support.

Given a user a local admin account just for admin tasks while also maintaining a normal account is the best of both words when it comes to user autonomy and security.

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