Wednesday 8 March 2023

Altaro VM Backups V9 released

 New Features

Introduces Ransomware Protection on offsite cloud storage locations. Leveraging immutable storage policies on Wasabi and Amazon S3, backups can be written in a WORM (Write Once Read Many) state for a set amount of time, thus ensuring that backup versions cannot be deleted or altered.

The immutable policy is defined while setting up the offsite cloud location within VM Backup to any duration that is required.

Block-level immutability allows for old data blocks to be removed safely in order to eliminate any unnecessary cloud storage costs.

Introduces new visual queues and notifications in case where any backup version exceeds its defined immutable policy and is thus no longer protected against ransomware.

Introduces a brand new backup repository for onsite (primary), offsite (including copies taken to the Offsite Backup Server), and cloud storage accounts. The VM Backup deduplicated repository has been rebuilt from the ground up to be highly scalable, robust, and makes optimum use of disk space.

Includes a new optimized data storage mechanism that allows for unused data blocks to be freed from the storage repository and reclaim storage space whenever possible.

Introduces concurrent data clean-up operations (retention) that can now run in parallel with any other onsite and offsite backups, as well as restore operations.

The Local Management Console will no longer enter maintenance mode when running retention clean-up on offsite backup locations.

Backup Health Monitor can now run silently in the background in parallel and without interrupting any ongoing continuous backup operations (CDP), scheduled backup and restore operations. This allows users to constantly scan for any data integrity issues and be alerted when required.

Adds support for VMware vSphere and vCenter v8 hypervisors.

Adds support for VMs that are configured with Fault Tolerance feature on VMware hosts

Supports installing the VM Backup management console on Windows 11 operating system.

Improves VM Backup management console performance when managing large-scale infrastructure setups.

Features an upgrade wizard which runs automatically when V9 is first installed and launched. This provides all the necessary information to the user and allows you to choose to migrate all configuration and settings from VM Backup v8 or to start a fresh new configuration.

Allows the Offsite Backup Server v9 to run concurrently with the Altaro Offsite Server v8

Operation History can now be exported via REST API

Adds support for AP-Southeast-2 region on Wasabi Cloud Storage

Changes that are need for updating

Older backup data, taken by V8, will not be deleted automatically, so once you have taken enough backups with V9, you can delete the older sets manually from the backup location.

AV Exclusions

  • all onsite backup drive directories
  • all offsite backup drive directories
  • C:\ProgramData\Hornetsecurity on the Management and on the Hyper-V hosts
  • C:\Program Files\Hornetsecurity on the Management and on the Hyper-V hosts

Offsite New Default ports

  • TCP 36000
  • TCP 36001
  • TCP 36100

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