Thursday 16 March 2023

Microsoft Edge integrated Bing chat in to version 111 or higher

Microsoft has been busy updating its products with AI-powered features lately. One of the most notable updates is the integration of Bing chat into its Edge web browser. Bing chat is an AI-powered chatbot that can help you with various tasks, such as searching the web, composing emails, generating content and more.

Bing chat is accessible from a sidebar in Edge, which you can hide or show by hovering over the Bing icon in the toolbar . You can also pin the sidebar to keep it open. Once you open the sidebar, you can start chatting with Bing by typing your message or query in the text box.

Bing chat uses ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art natural language generation model that can produce fluent and coherent texts on various topics. ChatGPT can also understand your context and intent, and provide relevant and helpful responses.

One of the features of Bing chat is Edge "Compose" , which allows you to use AI to help you create content for emails, blogs, social media posts and more. You can simply ask Bing chat to write something for you based on your specifications, such as topic, tone, style and length. For example, you can ask Bing chat to write a short summary of a news article or a catchy caption for an Instagram post.

Another feature of Bing chat is AI Insights, which provides you with useful information and suggestions based on your browsing activity. For example, if you are shopping online for a product, Bing chat can show you reviews, ratings, price comparisons and other relevant details. If you are reading an article or watching a video online, Bing chat can show you related content, facts and trivia.

The latest update to Edge that brings in Bing chat is part of Microsoft's vision to bring AI into everyday life. By integrating Bing chat into its web browser, Microsoft hopes to provide users with a more engaging and personalized browsing experience.

If you want to try out Bing chat for yourself, make sure you have updated your Edge web browser to version 111 or higher.

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