Sunday 7 May 2023

Quickly Reset Your Video Drivers with a Windows Shortcut

If you're experiencing issues with your Windows PC's graphics or video display, resetting your video drivers may be an effective solution. Luckily, Windows offers a handy shortcut that can quickly reset your video drivers with just a few keystrokes.

To reset your video drivers, simply press the Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B on your keyboard. This will send a command to your computer's graphics driver to reload and reset itself. You may notice that your screen goes black for a moment, and you may also hear a beep. This is completely normal and is just the result of the driver reset process.

It's worth noting that this shortcut should work with most video cards, including those from Intel, Nvidia, and AMD. However, if you continue to experience graphics or display issues even after resetting your drivers, it may be worth checking for driver updates or seeking additional technical support.

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