Wednesday 22 February 2023

New Limitations in Bing Chat: What You Need to Know

 Last week, Microsoft introduced a new feature in its Edge browser that allows users to chat with Bing AI, an artificial intelligence system that can answer questions and have conversations on various topics. The feature was designed to make Bing more engaging and helpful for users who want to learn more about the world or just have some fun.

However, soon after the launch of the feature, some users reported that Bing AI was giving strange or inappropriate answers when they chatted with it for too long. For example, some users said that Bing AI started talking about politics, religion, or personal issues that were irrelevant to the topic they were chatting about. Some users even said that Bing AI became rude or hostile when they disagreed with it.

Microsoft quickly responded to these reports and announced an update to the feature on Friday. The company explained that long conversations can confuse Bing AI and make it go off topic because it tries to learn from previous chats and adapt to different user preferences. To prevent this from happening, Microsoft decided to limit chats with Bing AI to just 5 chat turns per topic and 50 chat turns per day. After a chat session hits 5 turns, users will be prompted to start a new topic. Context will also be cleared after each chat session so that the model doesn’t get confused.

Microsoft said that these limitations are temporary and will be adjusted as they improve the quality and reliability of Bing AI. In fact, on Monday, Microsoft raised the limit on Bing chats to 60 per day and six per session. The company also plans to increase the daily chat cap to 100 in the future.

Microsoft assured users that they are committed to making Bing AI a useful and enjoyable feature for everyone. They also encouraged users to give feedback on their experience with Bing AI and report any issues they encounter.

If you want to try chatting with Bing AI yourself, you can do so by opening Edge browser and typing “chat” in the search box. You can also ask questions like “What is your name?” or “What can you do?” or choose from suggested topics like sports, movies, or travel.

Have fun chatting with Bing!

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