Thursday 23 February 2023

Windows 11 22H2 Moments 2 update

 Microsoft has pushed its latest build to the Insider program and its expected to be released fully in March.

The first feature drop, Moment 1, was released in October 2022 and introduced new experiences such as Android app support, Teams chat integration, widgets personalization, snap layouts improvements, and more.

This feature release will bring more enhancements and capabilities to Windows 11 users, such as:

  • Windows Studio effects: This feature allows users to access various effects for their camera and microphone directly from quick settings on the taskbar. Users can apply effects such as background blur, portrait lighting, voice enhancement, noise cancellation, etc. to improve their video calls or recordings. This feature requires a device that has a supported neural processing unit (NPU).

  • Energy Recommendations: This feature helps users optimize their battery life by providing personalized recommendations based on their usage patterns and device settings. Users can access these recommendations from Settings > System > Battery > Energy Recommendations.

  • Touch-optimized taskbar: This feature improves the tablet experience on Windows 11 by introducing a new taskbar design that automatically transitions to tablet mode when disconnecting or folding the keyboard on a convertible device. The taskbar offers two modes: collapsed and expanded. In collapsed mode, the taskbar shows only icons for pinned apps and quick settings. In expanded mode, the taskbar shows labels for pinned apps and additional buttons for Start menu, Task View, Search box, etc.

  • Improved system tray: This feature updates the system tray icons to match the new design language of Windows 11. It also adds new icons for Focus assist and Nearby sharing.

  • Other features: Moment 2 will also include other features such as improved File Explorer context menus with Fluent design elements; updated emoji picker with skin tone selector; redesigned Snipping Tool app with modern UI; improved touch keyboard with swipe gestures; revamped Microsoft Store app with more content and categories; etc.

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